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"How I became a CT" Google Earth Facebook

Cryptologic Command Display
at Corry Station (Bldg 503), Pensacola, Florida - new location.

The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display
at Corry Station (Bldg 511), Pensacola, Florida - old location.

Past NSG Stations/Current IO Stations
.. a narrative listing ..
SECGRU    Force Master Chiefs
.. past and present ..

Our Departed Shipmates - R.I.P.
We will never forget them!     Our fallen shipmates!

NAVSECGRU Station(s) Decommissioning Booklets

Mid-Pacific HFDF Net   MAP  1941-1945

Photographic   Memories   of   ...

Some of Our Duty Stations
Adak, Alaska Anchorage, Alaska
Atsugi, Japan Augsburg, Germany
Azores Islands Bad Aibling, Germany
Bainbridge, Maryland Bainbridge Island, Washington
Belem, Brazil _
Bremerhaven, Germany Cape Chiniak, Kodiak, Alaska
Carolina, Puerto Rico Cavite, Philippines
Charleston, South Carolina Cheltenham, Maryland
Chitose, Japan Clark AB, Philippines
Corry Field/Station, Pensacola, Florida Det Alpha, Phu Bai, RVN
Det Bravo, Danang, RVN Det Delta, Danang, RVN
Diego Garcia, BIOT Edzell, Scotland
Fort Devens, Massachusetts Fort Meade, Maryland
Galeta Island, Panama Griesheim, Germany
Groton, Connecticut Guam Island
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Hakata, Japan
Hanza/Torii Station/Futenma, Okinawa Hawaii
Homestead, Florida Imperial Beach, California
Istanbul, Turkey Kami Seya, Japan
Karamursel, Turkey Keflavik, Iceland
Key West, Florida Kunia, Hawaii
March AFB, California Marietta, Washington
Melbourne (FRUMEL) Midway Islands
Misawa, Japan Naples, Italy
Nicosia, Cyprus Norfolk, VA (CINCLANTFLT HQs)
Northwest, Virginia Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Point Arguello, California Point Mugu, California
Port Lyautey, French Morocco Pyong Taek, Korea
Ramasun, Thailand Recife, Brazil
Rota, Spain Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico
Sakata, Japan Samoa
Sangley Point, Philippines San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Miguel, Philippines San Vito, Italy
Sasebo, Japan Shanghai, China
Shemya, Alaska Shu-Lin-Kou Air Station, Taiwan
Sidi Yahia, Morocco Sinop, Turkey
Skaggs Island, California Sugar Grove, WV
Suitland, MD _
SUSLAK Korea Todendorf, Germany
Tokyo, Japan NCU-38 Tsing-tao, China NCU-36
Vietnam (all units) Wahiawa, Hawaii
Washington DC (CNSG/NAVSECSTA) Winter Harbor, Maine
Yokosuka, Japan NCU-35 Yokosuka, Japan NCU-38
USNS SGT. Joseph E. Muller T-AG 171 USNS PVT. Joseph F. Valdez T-AG 169
USS Banner AGER-1 USS Belmont AGTR-4
USS Georgetown AGTR-2 USS Jamestown AGTR-3
USS Liberty AGTR-5 USS Oxford AGTR-1
USS Palm Beach AGER-3 USS Pueblo AGER-2
HMCS Coverdale, Moncton, New Brunswick
CFS Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

DIRSUP Operations
Aircrew Submarine Service Surface

Our Workplaces/Systems
Various Sites from Craig Rudy AN/GRD-6 HFDF by Jerry Proc
Various Sites by Robert Snyder Various Sites by Joe Glockner

Amateur Radio Club Stations / FRUPAC
_.Club Station QSL Cards_. Club Station Ham Shacks
_.FRUPAC related photos_.

Class Photos / Our Men and Women
Basic and Advanced CT School Class Photos
ADCOP Graduating Photos
Members' Photo Album _Stories, Poems & other photos_
Members' Ham Radio QSL Card and Station Photos

Patches, Seals, and Logos
   990  so far !
Logos, Seals, and Patches

NSGA related Challenge Coins
   30  so far !
NSGA related Challenge Coins

Other Challenge Coins
   4  so far !
Other Challenge Coins

Canadian Outstation(s)
Alert Bermuda
Coverdale Gander
Inuvik Leitrim

Do You Remember/Lost and Found Pictures
do you know any of these folks?

U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association
Information on how to
Information about
the NCVA
Website of the     Florida Chapter NCVA
Website of the     Gateway Chapter NCVA
Website of the     Lone Star Chapter - NCVA
Website of the     Smoky Mountain Chapter - NCVA
Website of the     NCVA-NE (New England) Chapter - NCVA
Photos from the     2002 Reunion 2005 Reunion 2007 Reunion
Photos from the     2008 Reunion

Naval Cryptologic Reserve Association

This "Unofficial" website, is programmed and hosted by:
Joseph A. Glockner, CTTCS, USN Retired
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