Vaitogi, Samoa   -   1943
Photos/Narrative from NCVA Command Display

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DAB HFDF Building - 1943 Operator at Work - 1943

DT DP HFDF Site, movie area, and local villagers Edens, Spencer, Chadwick, Crider, Lomax, Missett,
Delmas, Charmley, Bittner, Richards, Ski (cook),
Linkenheld, Delahoussaye, Coughlin, Siu

Enlisted berthing - 1943 Left end is Mess Hall,
Right end is OIC and Chiefs Quarters - 1943

Operations shack and to the left, two diesels for power - 1943

Recreation room in enlisted berthing

Samoan mess boy and Samoan handy man,
movie area in background

Vaitogi Village - 1943