Welcome Aboard

from Joseph A. Glockner

Welcome to the Navy website of Joseph A. Glockner.  I joined the U.S. Navy on May 28, 1962,
and retired on December 31, 1983. During my career in the U.S. Navy,  I was stationed at
many exciting duty stations,  and I also had the opportunity to meet and serve with some
very special people.  The camaraderie that is built between friends is quite unique to the
military way of living!  On my Homepage, you will find a
LINK to a listing of my duty stations.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy,  I went to work as an Electronic Technician for
Texas Instruments, Inc.  here in Sherman, Texas.  In July 1995,  I began work for
MEMC Southwest, Inc.,  which is a Joint-venture of MEMC and Texas Instruments.
I have been employed at the same work-site for the past 17 years;  and,  thoroughly
enjoyed my new career as a "Matman"!

As of 14 April 2001 - I am "Fully Retired" - and now have plenty of time to
dedicate to my hobbies and needs.

I am still continuing with my hobby of 51 years - Amateur Radio (WA6AXE).
And,  for the past 14 years,  I have also been very active on the Internet.
This new medium has given me the opportunity to find and to keep in touch
with the many friends from the past.

Welcome to my website!

Joe Glockner    wa6axe@hotmail.com