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Various Sites


This page is dedicated to those who have served at the sites you see below.  Some are really outstanding places to serve, and some are just plain interesting, while the rest are just "out".... Many thanks's to Dusty Durst USN-Ret, and others, for submitting the majority of these pictures. If there is anyone out there that has some of the more remote or ancient sites that are no longer with us, please send me the pictures. Any pictures will be welcomed!

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NavSta Adak, AK

CommSta, Adak, AK

Augsburg, Germany

Azores 1962

Bad Aibling


Chitose, Japan

Clark AFB, PI
Click here to see Clark as is today

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia

Edzell, Scotland

Elmendorf, Alaska

Galeta, CZ

Gander, Newfoundland


NCS Guam

Hakata, Japan

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