HMCS Coverdale, Moncton, New Brunswick .. 1964-1968
Images and Narratives from    William Pardue CTR1 USN Ret

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Rear Admiral Inspect spring 1964.
Commanding Officer next to the
Real Admiral is Lcdr Wilkenson.

Ship’s Company Chiefs and P.O.s, 1966 have to look at the
hats to I.D.  USN types… lower left CTR1 John R. Gurlie,
upper left CTR1 Willy Pardue,
Just right of center 2nd row back CTRC Bud Hugel

Battle of Atlantic Sunday Church Parade.
To honor those who died in the Shipping lanes
of the North Atlantic during WWII. This picture
was sent to me by CTR1 Dick Ulrick who suddenly
passed away last summer 2004.
The answer to his question on the picture was
John R. Gurlie who had made Chief.

Lcdr Davidson, new C.O. presenting CTR1 Pardue
with his first Good Conduct.

Hi Joe,

Well I think I have my act together well enough to send you these pictures and a little information about
HMCS Coverdale.

I was lucky enough to do four years with the RCN (Feb. 1964 to Mar. 1968) at Coverdale and met most of
the Chiefs and Petty Officers in their Security Group. We are called CT’s and they are Called RS’s (Radio
Supplementary). I really enjoyed the duty and it was probably the high light of my Naval Career.

In September 1942 the WRCNS (Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service) Pronounced as WRENS was
organized and initially staff the station around 1944.

In 1950 the RCN and USN formally agreed to coordinate and standardize their HFDF activities, and the following
Canadian Stations joined the Atlantic HFDF Net which provided a common objective of maritime warfare.

CKT Coverdale, Moncton, New Brunswick
CFI Frobisher Bay, Baffin Island, N.W.T.
CGV Gander, Newfoundland
CGI Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario
CZB Bermuda (1963 - 1966)

Coverdale was also designated Alt Net Control Station.

By the time I left in Mar 1968. Both CFI and CGI had been closed down. I believe this was due to the
reorganization/combining the Canadian Military Forces Into one Joint Organization called the
Canadian Defense Force. I am sure that money and politics played a part.

The photos shown above are personal ones are from my own collection.

One other quick note. The Administration/Operational Building in the pictures Was originally the WRENS
barracks. And the old OPS/DF building see from the Water Tower was used as a repair shop and storage
building while I was there. The first floor was strictly used for Admin purposes, with the second floor used for
operations. Also the first and last time I have worked in a building with “windows,” during my naval career.

Almost forgot, I first met Johnny Ward when he was a 3rd class at Coverdale. He along with Jimmy Jet,
and Charles Baillargeon came up north in about 1966. You, Johnny, and Wally Branham, were all at
Wahiawa together. I met Wally at Kami Seya.

73 Willy Pardue NH6XD

HMCS Coverdale