NSGDet/NSGA  Sugar Grove, WV   -   1968-1969
Photos and narrative from Robert Tarr

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This is a photo of the commissioning crew of Sugar Grove, WV -
less CTT2 Paul Violette who was absent the day of the photo.

(L-R):    LCDR Frederick M. Tettlebach,
CTTC Wayne J. Smeal (Deceased),
CTTC Robert F. Tarr,
CTMC Vance L Creech,
and CTT2 Kenneth E. Mead Jr.

This photo was probably taken in late 1968.
Occassion was for a letter of appreciation in connection
with Project RASUR.

Back Row (L-R):    CTTC Robert F. Tarr,
CTMC Vance L. Creech

Front Row (L-R):    CTTC Wayne J. Smeal (Deceased),
CTT3 Rexford E. Bowling Jr.,
CTT2 Kenneth E. Mead Jr.,
CTT2 Paul V. Violette

An aerial view of both the 60 ft and 150 ft antennas

Picture of the Wullenweber site

Picture of the support site at Sugar Grove

Another picture of the support site at Sugar Grove

The 150 ft antenna ops site

Village of Sugar Grove. Located in the center of the picture.

Aerial view of ops van