Amateur Radio/FRUPAC related photos
Images and Narrative from Bob D'Imperio

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(L-R):   N4XAT (Bob) - W8RHS (Elbert)
holding the board containing the Amateur Radio FRUPAC QSL's - early 1990's.

The Amateur Radio FRUPAC QSL's - early 1990's.

Bob D'Imperio (N4XAT) in his shack in Pensacola - late 80's/early 90's.
Station setup consists of:  Kenwood TS930S transceiver, mike is a Kenwood MC-50, rotor control is a CD-44, and the tuner is a Kenwood AT-200.

Ed McCann (NY8E) - a "Silent Key (SK)"

FRUPAC Member  Tom Wilson (N4LXA) CRM - 1944

Tom Wilson's / N4LXA (SK) Ham Station
Spring 1989
Tom Wilson/N4LXA(SK) and Bill Small/ex-N4KJK
Sept 1990

Poco White's / W1SZJ (SK) Shack
Summer 1989
Elbert Flanagan's / W8RHS Shack
Nov 1989