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NSGA Cape Chiniak, Kodiak, Alaska .. Feb 1955 - Feb 1956
Photos/Narrative from Jerry Argo

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The dining room was the center of our activities in early dark days of the year. Games of poker, chess, puzzles,
PingPong, reading, music listening, conversation, and sometimes boredom. Late night found us younger guys
laughing and making too much noise for the Petty Officers sleeping in their quarters located over the dining
area. Chief Kopitsch would show up at the door and remark "OK Argo you guys are getting to noisy". My voice
was the one he could always hear penetrating the overhead.

Back ? ?
Briscoe, Finegan, Dickson, Argo, Moore
Mitchell, ?, Dickson, Chief Kopitsch

? Kopitsch, Jerome, ?

Moore, ?, Argo, ?

C. T. Moore loved to regale us with stories of what he had done in his life, college graduate, etc, at the ripe old
age of 22. Figured up once that he would have been 26 to 28 years old if he had done every thing he said. He was
a great guy and his stories were harmless though.

Chief Kopitsch taught several of us to play chess. It was many games played nightly before I was ever able to
beat him.

The hockey games and ice skating was great fun but injury prone with hip pointers being the most common

Mitchell was from Seattle and an expert skier D.S. Mitchell '38 Chevy belonged to the Sta. and could be
checked out for sight seeing

WWII truck we used for trip to pick up supplies ? Argo    ? was cutting hair when I arrived

Argo, Finegan    I took over Then Hayward tried his hand.
CWO R. P. Milham

Mitchell, Bonsor, Gotte ?, ?, Mitchell    Enlisted men dorm

Hayward Finegan, ?, Jerome

Hosea Antonio Arollo BMSN Joseph, ?, West, Hayward

Arollo was a tuff little sucker from the streets of Los Angles. All his fingers were tattooed just above the large
knuckle with some type of gang message. He could open a beer bottle with his teeth and loved to watch us recoil
at the thought of broken teeth.

Argo, Ace & Deuce
Dogs belonged to Sta. also

Proud day for Jerry Argo ?, Argo

We had a concession stand at the end of pool table room where we could purchase beer, cold drinks, candy bars
and misc items. A larger building was built at the end of the loading dock in later years for a place to relax and
was named Cape Chiniak Bar or either Holes End. Probably was renamed several times as time went by.


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