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NSGA Cape Chiniak, Kodiak, Alaska .. Feb 1955 - Feb 1956
Photos/Narrative from Jerry Argo

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I became well acquainted with the transmitter room, very hot as those were the days of the vacuum tube, as I
had to scrub the dingy walls on work detail while waiting for flight off the Island February 1956. Flight was
scheduled, then cancelled at end of the day as winter storm produced winds of 100mph cross-runway. Turned in
for the night, then rolled out about 2400 as storm had abated. Scary taking off as the runway was short and
deadended at ocean.

Early 1955 crew.
Argo ? ? ? ? ? Gotte ? ? ? Mitchell
Finegan ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? Davis ? ? ?
Kopitsch, ?, ?, Ford, Jim Stadt

Late 1955 crew.

We were well fed by the two cooks on station. Several of the guys would keep an eye on the 30-cup coffeepot as
Cook "X" loved strong, with the emphasis on STRONG coffee. We would make it before he could get to it, as
his brew was undrinkable. Do not know if he ever figured out what we were doing.

D. R. Davis CS1 Cook "X" - middle

The wooded area had many Quonset huts left from WWII (Roosevelt Memorial war). Work details during
summer months helped in the clean up.

Fish smoke house WWII surplus still in use

Many WWII coastal fortifications remained Gotte ? ? Bonner

Many of the WWII coastal fortifications and underground bunkers, some three levels, remained. Gun mounts
were all destroyed as evidenced by the photos. Smaller bunkers that housed rail-mounted guns were in evidence
as well.

Gotte suffered an appendicitis attack and had to be air lifted by helicopter to the main naval station for

Small islands to left (in the long coastal view) were seal and sea lion sunning spots. H. M. Biscoe purchased a
folding Kayak and used it in the lake and ocean some. Ventured out to the island on one occasion to check out
the wild life. Little did he know they would swim out to check him out. They popped up all around him to scare
him half to death as he was in fear of being capsized.

Work out Results

I caught grief over the result photo as someone posted it on the bulletin board as an advertisement for
"Charles Atlas" program.

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