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NSGA Cape Chiniak, Kodiak, Alaska .. Feb 1955 - Feb 1956
Photos/Narrative from Jerry Argo

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W. W. Ford CT1
Petty officers dorm
Bonney, Bonner

CO, Randle CWO when I first arrived C.L. Fletcher CS2
Some guys were always ship shape

E. E. Bonsor CTSN - O. L. Bonney CTSN Jerry Argo CT3 - J. M. Jerome CTSN

Everett Bonsor, Oswald Bonney, and I were a three-man radio crew. Bonsor was a great music fan and taught
me to appreciate many different styles. Bonney was sending a monthly allotment to his future wife to be able to
plan for the big event. I would kid him about getting a "Dear John" some day. It happened and I was more than

Bonney would, to break the boredom on the mid watch, send a message to San Diego (think they were the DF
net center) to ask if "Do you have any messages for me". Of course, they did not. Radio room had a radio for
listening pleasure and at 2400 or so one of the Country and Western stations from Oklahoma City would begin
to sound like it was next door. Bonsor could find South America stations, which were more to his liking and did
provide much variety.

Later in the year, believe J. H. West was his name, joined J. M. Jerome, and I to become a three-man crew as
rotations took their toll again. For sure Jerome and I worked the same shifts.

Self Defense Brigade

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