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Communications Intelligence Unit Pearl Harbor (1929-1947)
Navy Photos provided by the Rear Admiral J. N. Wenger,
Naval Security Group Command Display, Pensacola, FL.

Please scroll down the page. There are 14 photos.
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FRUPAC Compound 1944 FRUPAC - Capt J. S. Harper, USN OIC

FRUPAC - Capt J. S. Holtwick, USN G1 and G2 FRUPAC - Capt T. H. Dyer, USN G4

Capt W. J. Holmes, USNR (RET) AOIC JICPOA FRUPAC - Capt S. A. Carlson, USN G6

FRUPAC - Capt Fullinwilder, USN CDR C. N. R. Barham, Royal Navy Liaison Officer

FRUPAC - GW Office. LCDR G. Chiles by window FRUPAC - LT Carl Smith, USN   Pacific HFDF Control.
Moved to Guam 1945

FRUPAC - GM Mobile Coordinator - CDR P. P. Leigh (at window) FRUPAC - GI Section - Information files

FRUPAC - GY-1 Trying to beat Washington to the daily key FRUPAC - GZ-1 Language Section - Message translation

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