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Communications Intelligence Unit Pearl Harbor (1929-1947)
Navy Photos provided by the Rear Admiral J. N. Wenger,
Naval Security Group Command Display, Pensacola, FL.

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FRUPAC GZ-2 Messages were processed prepared for translation FRUPAC GY-1 Recover of the daily key for the JN series

FRUPAC GY-1 This group worked on the JN series FRUPAC GS1 Machine Room NC4 - Reproducers and Tabulators

FRUPAC - GS1 tabulators and reproducers NC-4 FRUPAC - GC communications. In 1945 there were 8 teletype
circuits between FRUPAC and Station Hypo (Wahiawa)

FRUPAC - GC Code Room FRUPAC Section GW - Raw Traffic into FRUPAC from
Guam, etc through Wahiawa.

FRUPAC - Enlisted Quonset Barracks, in Aiea FRUPAC - Inside Enlisted Barracks

FRUPAC Inside Waves Quonset Hut berthing FRUPAC Senior Officer Berthing Moanlua Terrace

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