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_____________A nine-hole golf course located in the central area of the
__________station is widely used. In addition, there is a new 18-hole,
__________lighted miniature golf course which is just as popular. For the
__________ardent golfer, there are excellent 18-hole tournament-type
__________courses at Subic Bay, Clark AFB, and Baguio.


_____________A softball field is maintained in top condition, and a new
__________lighted football field is programmed for use in the fall of 1969.
__________San Miguel varsity teams compete in inter-service softball and
__________basketball. Little League teams compete in the Subic Naval Base
__________League and play their home games on a well-kept field at San Mi-
__________guel. A large, active intramural program also exists here.


_____________Salt water fishing is available in the area, with a boat rent-
__________al concession regularly scheduling deep-sea excursions from Cubi
__________Point. Local boats can be rented by the day at San Miguel for a
__________nominal fee.


_____________Three catamarans are available to base residents who enjoy
__________sailing. Instruction is provided for personnel who are interest-
__________ed, but inexperienced. Available almost daily, except during the
__________rainy season, the catamarans provide San Miguel personnel with
__________one of their most popular water sports.


_____________An excellent 25-meter swimming pool is part of an athletic
__________complex. In addition, two wading pools are available for young
__________children. One of the finest beaches in the area lies along the
__________western boundary of the station bordering the South China Sea.
__________Lifeguards are on duty at all times when the beach is open. Snack
__________bars are operated by the Navy Exchange. A Nipa Hut with refresh-
__________ment facilities provides an excellent view of the South China Sea
__________and the world’s most beautiful sunset. The beach pavilion is the
__________scene of frequent division parties. The beach, for sanitary rea-
__________sons, is closed during the rainy season.

__________SKIN DIVING

_____________About two miles off shore lie two small islands, the Capones,
__________which are surrounded by extensive coral beds, reefs, and crystal-
__________clear water. Excellent skin and SCUBA diving is enjoyed here.
__________Spear fishing, shell collecting and "just looking" are very popu-
__________lar. Again, local boats are available for the trip to the islands.