The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

Display Room Four (circa Sep 2003)

Looking through entrance door. WAVES Display Room. On left wall large pictures of the WAVES
arriving in Dayton Ohio to work on the Bombe Machine. Along wall two (new) display cases of
ship and station memorabilla. Large pictures on back wall are of engineering people building the
BOMBE Machine.

WAVES Display Room. On right side of picture are three hugh display cabinets telling the story of the
3000 WAVES at 3801 Nebraska Avenue during World War II. Memorabilla includes a BOMBE machine
rotor, engima machine plus rotors, German Code Books, WAVE personal items, WAVE jokes, uniforms,
and one huge German National Socialist Flag (NAZI).
Picture in back are engineering personel and military officers that worked on the BOMBE Machine.

Recent purchases by CNSG are three new lower type display cabinets. We have three now. This
cabinet has memorabilla from the Submarine Force Riders; includes lighters, patches and other items.

USS GUARDFISH 1972 (Left side)
USSR Warships from the Cold War (Right side).
The use of "rap posters", we have the ability to make more displays instead of using "story board". On the left side are pictures taken by GUARDFISH probably in 1972, as these are the same pictures shown on the History Channels. On the right side are pictures of the former Soviet Union's warships that the majority of us became familiar.


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