The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

Display Room Six (circa Sep 2003)

Research room - Here the complete pictorial history of two stations (Panama and Skaggs Island) are
found in 32 large notebooks. Additional pictures have been taken from folders and put into notebooks.
The notebooks are divided in to country or individual station, or individual squadrons. Station PAO
pictures are available in notebooks from the likes of Port Lyautey, Brindisi, and others. Individuals have
donated pictures for historical purposes. CTC Hannagan (1942-1962) has donated two picture books
when he was stationed in Wahiawa, Skaggs, Port Lyautey, and Yokosuka. Chief Hannagan also made
sure each picture has first and last names, including the bar tender in a bar in Port Lyautey. The only
exception was a picture taken in Yokosuka of a dog with a chiefs hat. The written history of KamiSeya,
Japan, Todendorf, Germany and NavFac Cyprus (God Did We Have Fun) are here, The papers from
Captain A. Pellieter are stored here. We have 5 albums of chiefs initiation, no names, no place, no dates.

The NSG Command Display has over 125 station and ships plaques on display on three boards. There
are over 120 additional unique, one of a kind plaques, except for NTTC/NCTC Pensacola Plaques,
stored in these large cabinets. There is a third cabinet for storage of additional plaques from Japan,
the Philippines and plaque from Foreign Governments. Also stored in this third (not shown) cabinet is the
original overlay used in the search plan for the Battle of Midway. The overlay was used in Commandant
14th Naval District Headquarters Building. The overlays used to brief Admiral Nimitz by his intelligence
officers are also available in Room 6 of the NSGC Display.


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