The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

Main Display Room

Picture across the top, from the left: (l) Water color of Naval Security Group Activity Todendorf, Germany
as seen from Panker, Germany 1964. Painted by Mr. Gehart Knell, a German citizen, and presented to
LCDR Ray Ashbacher, USN (RET). LCDR and Mrs. Ashbacher donated the water color to the Command
Display. (2) Naval Security Group Activity Edzell, Scotland donated to NSGA Edzell by the Edzell First Class
Petty Officer Association. (3) Building of the Wullenwebber, Naval Communications Station Guam 1965.
Donated by Naval Security Group Department, Guam. (4) Color portrait of Clam Lagoon, Adak, Alaska
donated by Mrs. and Mrs. J. D. Kessling.

On the bulkhead, a personnel inspection at Cape Chinak, Alaska by Commander Irv Newman. First Class
Petty Officers dressed up barracks pet dog in a Navy Uniform to stand inspection. Results from Commander
Newman: Outstanding Appearance. Donated to the Command Display by CDR Irv Newman, USN (Ret).

On the Table Japanese Kata Kana typewriter, a Navy communications mill, 1965 Underwood regular
typewriter and Underwood Russian cyrillic typewriter.

Various pictures on the walk, Captain Dyer at desk, submarine with racing stripe on the sail (from USS
POGY SSN-647); sea bird on top of surveillance periscope (from USS BARB SSN-596), radio intelligence
personnel in U. S. Navy Blimp on submarine surveillance patrol, and first know NSG Intercept.


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