The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

Main Display Room

Painting from the Chief Petty Officer Club, Kami Seya, Japan. Six pictures were painted on the bulkhead
of the Chiefs Club in KamiSeya, Japan in 1955. Mr. T. Morgan and Mr. R. L. Chandler were the artist.

The club was torn down in 1994. Master Chief Petty Officer Jay Browne asked the Japanese workers to
please save the painting. They (the Japanese) said "Okay." The Japanese workers were successful in
saving four of the six painting, and framed them. Master Chief Browne took the pictures to save them for
history. After moving to Pensacola, he donated them to the Wenger Display. CTR3 Scott Ford and
CTRSN Devin Ward, on temporary loan to the social security gang at the Display, hung the pictures.


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