The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

Main Room Display Two Display Cabinets.

First cabinet from left tells the story of the beginning of the radio intelligence unit training On The Roof of
the Navy Department Building on Constitution Avenue in Washington. Stories of the capture of radio
intelligence personnel on Guam Island, and the escape of radio intelligence personnel from Corregidor,
Philippines are provided. Message from the Chief of Naval Operations to the Commandant Sixteenth Naval
District ordering the evacuation of radio intelligence personnel from Corregidor is post. Also, copy of the
original letter from the Chief of Naval Operations dated 1928 requesting volunteers for radio intelligence
work. A copy of a memorandum from Chief Commissaryman Thompson. Chief Thompson was left on the
island and captured by the Japanese. After the liberation, his memorandum to Lieutenant John Litwiler
explained there was a Japanese spy on Corregidor. The Japanese came aboard the island looking for the
radio intelligence personnel, as they had on Guam.

Second cabinet provides information of radio intelligence operations during World War II, i.e. Kwajalein
Island, Johnston Island, Ted Wildman in the Gobi Desert, Members of the "Happy Valley" (Chungking,
China) and the story of our last World War II casualty aboard the USS New Mexico. Copy of the Silver Star
awarded to Markle Tobias Smith for action against the enemy as a Prisoner of War. The "Corregidor
Plaque" donated to the Command Display by CWO3 Sidney Burnett, USN (Ret).


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