The Wenger Commander Naval Security Group Command Display

"Women in Cryptology". Pictures and magazines from World War II. A mannequin head with a
"Havelock" is the main item in the case. Other displayed items are Ruptured Duck Emblem,
Ladies neckties and jewelry, Specialist "Q" rating badge, Havelock Magazine dated 1945. A
World War II German National Flag with the German Socialist Workers Party Emblem in the
center. This flag was donated by Mrs. Alda M. Schubert (CTIC Harry Lowe's Mom). German
mail stamps with Adolph Hitlers picture. Two German Enigma Machines (one three rotor and
one three rotor with plug board). Two rotors from a Bombe Machine was loaned to the Display
by the National Cryptologic Museum and the National Security Agency. Actual U-boat message
that was decrypted, and boat located and sunk.


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