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Photos of San Miguel and the surrounding area

Jeepneys on Parade, Subic Bay

Subic Den of Iniquity

Nipa Hut, Iba, Zambales

Subic Bay Scene

USS New Jersey, Subic Bay, 1968

A Marine and His Best Friend, PI

San Miguel, 1968

Photographer's Buddy, PI

San Miguel, 1968

Photos from TAD trip to the USS Ticonderoga

CTO2 Bob Smith checking out Flight Ops, Ticonderoga

AG3 Randy Gerke, USS Ticonderoga, Gulf

CTR2 Bill Branick, USS Ticonderoga

Watching Flight Ops, Gulf of Tonkin

CTR2 Branick on His Last Day at Sea

CTO2 Bob Smith, USS Ticonderoga, 1968

Photos from vacation trip to Kowloon, Hong Kong

Airport, Kowloon

The Forbidden Airport, Kowloon

Hank Law & Randy Gerke Enjoying Chinese Hospitality

CTA3 Hank Law Takes a Break

Tico Tigers Det 9 Soaking Up Suds

Wong Wai Tat, Chinese Host in Kowloon

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