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Yokosuka, Japan NCU-35 .. 1949-1950
Images from R.C. (Monk) Delmotte

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Walton CTC, Eldridge CT1, LTjg Taylor, LCDR Heagy

Brownie Wells CT1, LTjg Jackson L. Koons

Barker CWO, LCDR Heagy, Ltjg Hoover, LT Dan Gibbs,
LTjg Koons The Officers of Comm Unit 35

Fuller CTC, Gordon CT1, Brandenbury CTC, Smitty CT3

Murray, Rau, Frank

Rummel, Frank, Rau, Hare

Walton, Whitely, Fuller, LCDR Heagy

Part of Japanese band

unknown, John Erkes, Richard Asmussen, unknown,
Eugene Gates

Cope, unknown, Huffman

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