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Yokosuka, Japan - 1950
Images from Jerry Cain

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Wild bunch at the Yokosuka Beer hall.
L-R (excluding women): John Nolan, Mert Clark,
Lenny Schnider, Jerry Cain, Swede Severson,
Robert E. "Pinky" Walker and R. L. Bass
Charlie Vandercarr (left) and Harry Martin

Petty Officers' Club , Yokosuka, 1950.
L-R: Frank Alspaugh, Bill Mann, Dee Mann,
Shorty Quinn and Jerry Cain
Chowing down in Kamakura

Barracks-A, Yokosuka, 1950.
L-R: John Nolan, Jerry Cain
and Robert E. "Pinky" Walker
Yokosuka shipmates with a few Aussie MP's
in Tokyo, 1950. L-R (excluding the Aussies):
Chuck "Dead Head" James, Jim Moses, Jerry Cain,
Harry Gunter, ? McCall and Lenny Schnider

Jerry Cain (left) and Harold Woodside,
Yokosuka, 1950

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