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COMSECACT Yokosuka, Japan 1952
Images from Don Turner

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Mount Fuji from Akiya Beach, outside Kamakura.
November 1952. My wife had just arrived, I had just
made 1st class, and we were renting a beach house
Mascot, Herman the Cat...
Herman met an untimely death in an encounter with
a 2 1/2 ton stake truck outside the tunnel entrance at
Kami Seya.

our OIC - LCDR Erwin Assistant Officer in Charge, CHRELE Moore The Chief in Charge was Estes
can't remember his first name.

RM2, later RM1 Don Turner. RM1 Joe Toth. Joe was a day worker with Bill Pittel.
I ran across Joe some years later in Guam, but he
was out of the Group and with a Special
Communications Unit.
On the right, Don Hoch, Operator. On the left a
CommSec'er from Guam, up on TAD to help staff a
detachment going to the forward area (Korea)..

RM2, later RM1, Forrest Annas.
Forrest passed away a few years ago.
RM1 Bill Pittel in an encore picture. It's hard work
scanning all those logs looking for operating and
procedural errors, so Bill took forty winks during
the lunch hour.
Operator Harry Stalker.
I think he was an RM2 at the time.

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