John L. Whitmire

John L. Whitmire
John Whitmire - New Years Eve 1963
Great Lakes Boot Camp Liberty - picture
taken in a photo booth on State Street.

John L. Whitmire John L. Whitmire John L. Whitmire
Graduation Day CT Technical School
November 1964 Naval Communications
Training Center Corry Field Pensacola,
Florida. John Whitmire - got orders to
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - in the middle.
Other two individuals are unidentified. The
cheer for the day was: Three dits, four dits,
two dits and a dah. NCTC rah rah rah!
Looking back - it wasn't so bad after all!
John Whitmire - April 1972

Departing Jacksonville, Florida enroute
to NCTC Corry Pensacola, Florida to
attend ELINT Class "C" school.

John Whitmire - June 1972

Departing Jacksonville, FL enroute to
TGU Yokosuka, Japan