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NCS Honolulu at Wahiawa, HI (circa 1968-1970's)
Images from   Brady Smith

Main Gate. Taken when I was on vacation in Hawaii with my girlfriend in the early 70s.

The Enlisted barracks. It was family housing during WWII. - 1968

The Chapel - 1968

The EM Club. Happy hour drinks were $1. One could get plastered on $5. - 1968

The headquarters building. - 1968

Shot from near HQ looking West towards the main gate. I was one of the many Photographers in the Naval Security Group and was stationed here after Photo School in Pensacola. - 1968

Capt. Wettlaffer the CO inspecting the base mascot. He was chewing him out for peeing on the ground. Notice the look on the Captainís face. - 1968

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