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NSGDept Wahiawa, Hawaii .. 1971-1974
Images and narrative from    Ken Halliwell (former CTM1)

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The road leading from Whitmore Village to the front gate.
March 1974.
A front road view of the CDAA. If you look hard, on the left side
of the picture, you can see the old TRESSCOM antenna dish.
March 1974

The road leading to building 105, the Net Control bldg,
where Ken worked.    March 1974.
A sunset view from one of the barracks.
October 1971

Looking west from one of the barracks,
toward the ham radio (KH6UL) mast.
October 1971.
A sunset view of someone climbing
the ham radio (KH6UL) mast.
October 1971

Ken Halliwell's promotion ceremony to CTM1.
Photo taken in the NSG Admin Bldg's parking lot.
April 1972

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