Dxbase 2007
Refdata/Logbook Analyzer and Updater program
Designed and made by Joe WA6AXE

STOP here is any of the following 7 items are true:

(1) You want total control of any modifications/updates to your files.

(2) You do not know how to UNZIP a file - so that you can actually extract the
enclosed files within the ZIP file.

(3) You do not want to use another user's Refdata.mdb file.

(4) You are running Windows VISTA or Windows 7; and, you installed DXbase2007
into the Program Files directory on that computer.

(5) You ONLY make manual updates to your mdb files.

(6) You DO NOT want to use the Entity PREFIXES standardized by the DXbase owner.

(7) You are in-doubt about using the program (in any manner/way).

NOTE! :: If any of the above are TRUE in your situation - I DO NOT recommend that you
proceed with running my program!! PERIOD. This is because the situations listed above
are outside of the control of the logic programmed into my Updater program.

** IMPORTANT ** --- The ZIP file you will download also contains the dao350.dll file ...
Very important here -- PSE check your computer's

Windows XP and Windows7 32 bit machine:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO

Windows7 64 bit machine:

C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO

directory to ensure that the file named as    dao350.dll    IS THERE ---
if it is NOT there -- pse extract/save the da0350.dll file from my ZIP file into the following:

Easiest method would be :
(1) Extract/Save to the Directory listed above (for your computer).
(2) Check the dao350.dll "Properties" and make sure that the file is NOT "Blocked" -- if
it is Blocked -- unblocked it .. then press APPLY .. then press OK ...
(3) Bring up the " RUN " program and type-into TextBox:

On a Windows XP and Windows7 32 bit machine:

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao350.dll"

On a Windows7 64 bit machine:

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao350.dll"

Press OK ... This will "register" your dao350.dll file.


(1) Back-up (Very Important!!) - both your 2007 Refdata.mdb file
and your 2007 Logbook.mdb file.

What my program does:

(1) This version of the program is using the idea that some users
wanted to use my Refdata.mdb file. The only draw-back before, was that there
are 7 tables within the Refdata.mdb file that can be specific to each user. These tables are:


So, to be able to make my own Refdata.mdb file easily used by another DXBase2007 user, I have made
my program so that the above listed 7 tables are COPIED from your own Refdata.mdb file
and PASTED into my OWN Refdata.mdb file (which I have named as scratchpad.mdb) --- once
I have finished making your new Refdata.mdb file - I then go into your Logbook mdb file
and make any QSO PREFIX column changes that would be necessary (since you are now using
the up-to-date Refdata.mdb file).

Getting the program files out of the ZIP file:

(1) Open the ZIP file (LINK is at bottom of this webpage) and using your ZIP file
program, EXTRACT and SAVE the 3 enclosed files to your DXbase2007 main directory.

The 3 files enclosed in the ZIP are:

  • chkmdbs.exe -- (which is the standalone exe program)
  • scratchpad.mdb -- (this is Joe's own Refdata.mdb file)
  • JoesDummy.mdb -- (this mdb file contains the AliasMap and CallMap Prefixes that
    are used in the Analyze Only routine and the Analyze portion of the "Analyze & Update"

    If you are going to make a mistake - it can be here!!!!!!!!!! Make VERY SURE that
    your ZIP program is saving the above files into your DXbase2007 main directory --
    and NOT into some other directory !!!!!!!!!!

    Using the program:

    (1) When you first execute the chkmdbs.exe program file, I create a "directory"
    right off of C:\ drive - and this directory is named: C:\JoesBackup
    This directory is used to backup three files: Your Refdata.mdb file, Your Logbook mdb file,
    and my scratchpad.mdb file. And these 3 files are written to the above directory at the
    very first of the execution of the program.

    *NOTE* -- the logbook mdb file that my program is using, is the very last
    logbook mdb file that you HAD OPENED with DXbase2007.

    *NOTE* -- for Windows7 users - you will have to run this exe program with the
    "Properties" of  "Run as administator".

    (2) Once the program window comes into view, you have the Option of selecting either:
    the " Analyze Only " button (which doesn't write anything to your mdb files) - or -
    the " Analzye & Update " button (which does make the changes to your two mdb files).

    (3) If you ONLY want to "check" your two mdb files, press the Analzye Only button.
    If you want, after pressing this button and that routine is finished, to MAKE the
    necessary modifications to the two mdb file, you can then press the Analyze & Update button.

    (4) If you want to go directly to the Analyze & Update routine, you can do so by pressing
    the Analyze & Update button. FYI - updates will be MADE during this routine.

    (5) Progress of the running of the program can be viewed by watching the "Progress Bar"
    and also watch the "white textbox" at the far right of the progress bar for the word " Done! "

    (6) During the Analyze & Update routine, you will see the COLORED boxes changing from
    one color to another (such as the RED to GREEN color) -- and, the number of bad qso prefixes
    will go to ZERO.

    (6a) NOTE: The addition of the checks for the Russian prefixes/callsigns that were recently
    added/changed -- will be CHECKED by my program looking for 4 specific Prefixes/Callsigns
    in both the Alias Map and Call Map tables. So, number you will see on these two categories
    will be slightly different from the others.

    (7) If you pressed the Analyze & Update button - and that routine is finished, then
    BEFORE you open up DXbase2007 program itself -- EXIT my exe program!!!!!!! Once you
    EXIT my program - I "rename" the scratchpad.mdb file to refdata.mdb ... this way, you now
    have the updated refdata file available (once you exit my program).

    (8) Once you now open up DXbase2007 - do an "Initialize Tables"... you are ready to go now!!!

    If you have MULTIPLE logbook mdb files:

    (1) Once you have exited my program, and; you have opened up DXbase2007 - so that
    you could do an "initialize tables" for your first logbook mdb file -- then, close out
    DXbase2007 once again .. and, this time - OPEN DXbase2007 with the second or third, etc
    logbook mdb file.. Close DXbase2007 again.. In this way, my program will know which
    logbook mdb file to use during the 2nd or 3rd, etc time thru.

    (2) My program - once you EXIT it -- places a brand new scratchpad.mdb file in
    your DXbase2007 main directory -- so, my program can simply be opened for the 2nd, 3rd,
    etc time.. and this time through - the program will use the 2nd or 3rd, etc logbook file.
    Do this for as many logbook mdb files as you have.

    Finishing up:

    (1) Once you run my program and you make the updates/changes to both refdata and logbook mdb files,
    and you are NOT going to run my program again - then you can, (if you want), delete the following:

  • C:\JoesBackup directory and all 3 files therein

  • scratchpad.mdb file from your DXbase2007 main directory

  • JoesDummy.mdb file from your DXbase2007 main directory

    * NOTE * -- you will no longer need the above files.. If for whatever reason,
    you need to run my program again, simply download it (ZIP) from my website.

    (2) Now, that you have updated your mdb files -- MAKE a backup of these two new files!!!

    **REMEMBER** once you are done -- you do ' NOT ' NEED TO IMPORT anything ..
    you simply USE the new files!!!

    The LINK for the zip file is:

    Refdata/Logbook Checker and Updater V4.50

    Again - this is only for DXbase 2007.