DXbase 2007 AutoLoTW program
Designed and made by Joe WA6AXE


** IMPORTANT ** --- The ZIP file you will download contains both the autolotw272.exe file
"and" dao350.dll file ... Very important here -- PSE check your computer's

Windows XP or Windows7 32 bit machine:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO

Windows7/VISTA 64 bit machine:

C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO

directory to ensure that the file named as    dao350.dll    IS THERE ---
if it is NOT there -- pse extract/save the dao350.dll file from my ZIP file into the following:

Easiest method would be :
(1) Extract/Save to the Directory listed above (for your computer).
(2) Check the dao350.dll "Properties" and make sure that the file is NOT "Blocked" -- if
it is Blocked -- unblocked it .. then press APPLY .. then press OK ...
(3) Bring up the " RUN " program and type-into TextBox:

On a Windows XP/Windows7 32 bit machine:

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao350.dll"

On a Windows7/VISTA 64 bit machine:

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao350.dll"

Press OK ... This will "register" your dao350.dll file.

On a Windows10 64 bit machine:

You NEED to make the CMD (Command prompt) to be able to
"Run As Administrator". Then

VERY CAREFULLY type-in the following:

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\dao350.dll"

Press "enter" ... This will "register" your dao350.dll file.

NOTE ***** NOTE: -- The program NOW will also IMPORT and update your
CREDIT_GRANTED for DXCC, VUCC, and WPX ... If you KNOW that the LOTW website
has been updated to include YOUR DXCC, or VUCC, or WPX credits -- BE VERY SURE that
you have the Radio Button "Download ALL QSLs" MADE - BERORE you press the
"#1 Download fm LoTW" button. This action is necessary to bring down ALL of your
CFMD QSO's from the beginning date of your logbook QSOs. The program will AUTOMATICALLY
Import your CFMs via LOTW and also your DXCC, VUCC, and WPX credits.

(1) Back-up (Very Important!!) - both your 2007 Refdata.mdb file
and your 2007 Logbook.mdb file. And, also back-up your Satnames.dat file.
The downloaded ZIP file contains the newest Satnames.dat file that cooincides
with the list of acceptable SAT NAMES for LOTW TQ8 files. SAVE the
Satnames.dat file to your main DXbase2007 directory.

(2) You have already obtained and installed the TQSL Certificate(s) for the CALLSIGN(s)
you will be signing. And, you have all of your PASSWORDS available for
signing and for logging-into the ARRL LoTW website.

(3) Check your TQSL program to ensure that you are using Version 2.0 or higher

(4) You "always" Upload "ALL" of your Valid QSOs to the LoTW website; and,
you "always" allow the QSLS column of your logbook to be updated - showing
that the QSO(s) have been uploaded to the LoTW website.

(a) NOTE here!!! You have always generated your ADIF file from within
DXbase. And, you will always use AutoLoTW to generate the ADIF file!!
This - so that the QSLS column "will" be updated with the fact that
you have uploaded the QSO(s) to LoTW.

(5) You "always" Download "ALL" of your LoTW confirmations; and, you
"always" allow the CFM column of your logbook to be updated - reflecting
that the QSO(s) have been confirmed via LoTW.

(6) You have no problem with my program making a directory on your C:\ drive

(7) You are aware of how to handle a ZIP file (downloading it) - and,
then "extracting and saving" the file(s) within the ZIP file to the
proper directory.

What will Joe's AutoLoTW program do for you:

(1) When initially installed and run, my program will AUTO-POPULATE
ALL (up to 5) of your TQSL Callsigns and Locations. And, in addition will
automatically setup your logbook mdb file location and refdata mdb location.

(a) Note: for the auto-populated TQSL callsigns and locations - I have BUTTONS
(labeled "Delete") to the right side of each of the 2nd thru 5th entries.
Each of the entries that you DO NOT want to have in the options - just press
the "Delete" Button for that/those entries.

(b) Note: for the auto-populated logbook and refdata mdb file locations (path info)
you can change each of those (if needed) by using the small "..." button to the
right end of that entry. This button brings up the normal "File Selection" window.

(c) Note: to provide a more user-friendly routine, I have defaulted the location
of the following files (which are automatically made by my program) into a NEW Directory
which is pathed as:


For the sake of ALL computer operating systems - which has complicated things in the
past - I have made this new "hard-wired" location (directory) for the following files:


Again - the above listed files are automatically made by my program and used by my program.
I needed to provide a KNOWN and PERMANENT location for the above listed files - because of the
various Operating Systems that the DXbase users have.

(d) Once you have modified (if needed) the ORIGINAL opening OPTIONS window,
press the OK button to proceed. When you press the OK button on the SETUP/OPTIONS window, the
CALLSIGN(s) and Location(s) info is automatically saved to a *.dat file

(4) On the UPLOAD side of the program window (left side):

(a) When you press the "LoTW Upload" button, the program goes through
your logbook and reads all of the QSO(s) - for the OPRCALL you have "Selected" -
that are "VALID" and "Do NOT" have LoTW or Both in the QSLS column.

(b) ALSO - automatically, the program will highlight/copy the Path and Filename
to your computer's "clipboard" - making it available for you to PASTE (Ctrl-V) to
the ARRL LoTW website's "File to Upload" dialog textbox.

(c) The "blue" colored checkmarks on my programs main window will allow you
to follow along with what is happening.

(d) Once the ADIF file is created (automatically), my program will automatically
bring up the TQSL.exe program. This will be the very first time that you as the user
will have to make an entry in the program's main window. If your "signing" process
is PASSWORD protected, the program will wait for you to "type-in" your PASSWORD.
Note: If you DO NOT have a PASSWORD for the "signing" of your ADIF file, then the
TQSL.exe program will be "fully automatic" and you might not even see it come up!!

(e) Once you type-in your PASSWORD for "signing", the TQSL.exe program will make
the TQ8 file and the TQSL.exe program will automatically CLOSE!!

(f) ALL while this is going on - my program will OPEN up your "default" web-browser
program - to the ARRL LoTW "LogON" webpage -- this is again "one more" place where
you will have to "type-in" your PASSWORD that you use to enter the ARRL LoTW website.
If you are already "logged-in" the website - then you will be "at" the "File to Upload"

(g) Once at the File to Upload webpage - you will simply PASTE (Ctrl-V) the
PATH/FILENAME that was copied into your computer's clipboard - into the dialog
textbox for "File to Upload" -- then press the "Upload File" button.

(h) Your UPLOAD is done!!

(5) On the DOWNLOAD side of the program window (right side):

(a) For the FIRST time using the Download part of my program, RADIO Button
the "Download ALL QSLs" selection.

(b) Press the "#1 - Download from LoTW" button. Your "default" web-browser
will come up and will start the download of your "confirmations" from LoTW.
LogOn the ARRL LoTW website (if you aren't already logged-in). Depending on your
web-browser program, a "small dialog window" will come up and you should select
"Save it to disk" / "Save As" - Press OK ..

(c) NOTE!! When you clicked on my program's "#1 - Download from LoTW" button,
I copied the Path/Filename of the downloaded file to your computer's "clipboard".

(d) When the "Enter name of file to save to..." comes up, you SIMPLY
PASTE (Ctrl-V) the Path/Filename from your computer's clipboard - to the
"File name:" dialog textbox of this window. Press the Save button.

(e) Once the downloaded "confirmations" ADIF file is saved to your
computer, PRESS the "#2 - LoTW Import" button.. My program will automatically
IMPORT the ADIF file you downloaded.

(f) During the IMPORT process, the small textbox, to the right of the
words "Only fm last QSL >", will be UPDATED automatically with the DATE
of the very last confirmation on the LOTW website for your OPRCALL.
Press the "Save Date" button that is underneath that textbox and that
DATE will be saved to a *.dat file (for the next time you callup the program).

(g) There are STATS available on my program's main window - so that you
will know how many were read and how many were used.

(6) If my AutoLoTW program is not to your liking, or my program just
simply doesn't work for you - even after going through all of the above instructions,
please "bring-back" the copy of your SAVED logbook mdb file - so that
your logbook mdb file is exactly as it was before, delete my
program autolotw272.exe file, the autolotw.dat, autolotw2.dat, and autolotw3.dat files.
You will be back to the point where you were at - before you tried to use my
program. Then - for the sake of LoTW uploading/downloading, use the
method that you have always used before.

(7) Here are some screen-captures - taken in the sequence of my actions
used during each step of the Upload and Download process:

The LINK for the zip file is:

AutoLoTW Version 2.72

Again - this is only for DXbase 2007.