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USS Jamestown AGTR-3 (circa 1969)
Images from   Roy Lamberton CTRCS USNR Ret

The Oxford and Jamestown pictures are probably the last taken the two ships before they were scrapped in 2000. You can see the machine guns have been removed already, they are evident in the underway shot.

Everyone on the Jimmy T remembers the roadrunner on the engine. That was a triple cylinder triple steam expansion engine. Went back to the Victory ship days.

The Jamestown "screw" picture is of the Screw half out of the water going thru the Straights between Okinawa and Japan.

The Jamestown bridge, taken in October 1969, during the transit from Sasebo to Yokuska.

The Jamestown, prior to the Oxford’s arrival, also October 1969.

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