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USNS SGT. Joseph E. Muller TAG-171 ..   (circa 1962-1963)
Images and Narrative from Jack Clark

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I was the absolute first person to report for duty aboard the Muller, in February of 1962 – before the ship’s refit program was started. I was originally stationed at Camp LeRoy Johnson (Army base) in New Orleans where I awaited the arrival of the rest of the crew. I was also aboard for the "shake-down" cruise. The crew was issued a "Plank Owners" certificate but I never received mine, unfortunately.

The is a photo of CTR2, Moyer and I, CTM3, Clark included – the significance of that photo: Moyer created the graphic which became the "Spark-e-corn", and I did the lettering on both the Muller "patch" and the gangway banner, which was also depicted on the Muller "Zippo" lighters.

There is a photo of me standing on a pier in Key West, FL, with the Muller in the background. The photo of the initial maintenance crew is included as well … I have names of all those depicted in that photo, but didn’t include them on the photo itself.

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