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NSGA Keflavik, Iceland - 25 April 1959
Images from Troy Caffey
Narratives from Troy Caffey and Marv Duncan

Please scroll down for 3 photos/narratives.
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The only information that we have about these three photos is:

Supposedly these are photos from the Keflavik - Hafnir site GRD-6, wooden OPS Bldg in a lava field.
And, in the above photo, "Fangue" is approximately 4 months old.    Regards, Troy Caffey

Update to the information on this webpage received from Marv Duncan on 3-15-02:

These pictures are from April 25, 1959 - the day of the commissioning of the site. Witness the inspection is being
held by Lt. Berthier - the first OIC. With him is Earl Stewart - at that time I think he was still a WO. Also in the
pictures are chiefs Tait and Nelson (Nellie - M branch chief). I'm pretty certain of this because I was standing in
the back row freezing my tail off! All of the people in the pictures are plank owners. (Including Fangue - whose
name is spelled Phangue on her certificate.) Blame that one on A-brancher, first class, Ken Parotte who did the
lettering for the certificates.    Regards,  Marv Duncan - CTMCS USN (Ret.)

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