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NSGDet/NSGA Todendorf, Germany 1958-1961
The Merry Men of Todendorf
Images from   William Lockert, CTTCM, USN Ret.

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photos to enlarge.

Closed Army Slop Chew, BOQ, Chapel, Tailor Shop - Flag pole.
Seaman Rettinger was responsible for raising the flag every
morning 0800.

CTR2 Dan Warner, CTR3 Gary Truesdell,
CTR3 Edward Morrissey.

HM3 Doc Robinson, CTR2 Jeff Tracy,
CTR3 Gary Truesdell,CTR2 Dan Warner,
CTR2 James Atha, behind Geedunk.

Truesdell, Warner and Doc.
Garage and Barracks are in background.

Truesdell and Doc. Doc save one Chief Warners life, help deliver a couple babies and cleaned 35 sets of enlisted ears, and mended other hurts of sailors and dependents.

CTO2 Wm Lockert. Back (need name) and Gary Truesdell headed for EES laundry pickup. We got our haircuts at the barber shop in Lutjenburg.

CTR3 Raymond Sweigart headed for the watch.

CTR2 Dan Warner....arriving.
Jeff Tracy in his Mixmaster sports car.

CTO2 Lockert and his 1949 VW. Repaired and repainted from
car crash into a ditch. Note the turn signal arrow on side of car.

CT2 Jeff Tracy and CT2 Dan Warner.

CTR3 Harold Beilstein and Dan Warner with Jeff Tracy's
who is in his Mixmaser sports car.

Astrid in the Oase 1958. Also Todendorf telephone operator.

1959 Ernest and Margot Dobolaw of the Oase Restaurant.

1958 Muti at Oase with Johnish

1949 Volkswagen Pat Lynch, Bill Lockert near Panker.
The VW was a hand me down car at 200.00 per hand me down.

CTO2 Lockert in front of Rec Building,
later Siss Zulu and Classic Wizard Building.

1960 Moving Day into the old Army Staff Barracks.
PO2 and below. 4 open area squad bays, sleeps 8 per bay.

1960 CTO2 Paul W. Storrs fishing in Baltic Sea.

RELE3 Harold N. Harris, AOIC, making rounds of the station.

CTR1 Steinmitz reup with LTjg Norm Brand, OIC.
in Todendorf 1959

William Russel CT1 Klausdorf Housing.

Bill Lockert.

CT2 Dan Warner. Jeff Tracy in background. Inspection.

CT3 Edward Morrissey Inspection. Behind, is entrance to
former U. S. Army Staff Barracks. Now Navy Barracks.

CT3 Paul Boone Inspection.

CT3 Jeff Tracy and CTSN (help). Boone and Koch
returning to the barracks.

Joe Koch, Paul Boone, CTSN (help) and CTR2 Charlie Meeks.

SN William Rettinger and CT3 Ed Morrissey in Dress Blue.
EN1 Jake Randall in Undress Blues.

One formal inspection in two years. After Inspection Party,
Morrissey, Chief McLaughlin, Tracy, Hodge, Robinson,
Rettinger plus others in the Lowenbrau, Kiel.

After inspection party.Dick Hodge, Doc Robinson,
Bill Lockert, Stump Storrs.

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