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Todendorf, Germany .. 1957 - 1958
Images from James (Jim) Ercole

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Day room - CT3 Ron (Rockey) Freeman
and CT3 W.L. Brown 1957
Day room - CT3 Don Dupay 1957

Day room - (L-R) CT3 Ray Deshazer,
Max the German driver and house boy,
and CT3 Charlie Mason 1957
Barracks scene - (L-R) W.L. Brown,
CTC Frank Carlson, and CT3 Tom Costello

CT3 Jim Ercole on firing range 1957 Ghost of Todendorf (L-R) CT3 Don Dupay
and CT3 Charlie Mason 1957

CT3 Jim Ercole in Barracks Todendorf 1957

CT3 Marty Rugerio sunning on roof 1957 Frying eggs with blowtorch.
(L-R) William Tell Barrier III (Buzz),
Ben Allen and Ron (Rockey) Freeman

Hessenstein Castle - Todendorf, Germany 1958 Windmill in Rendsburg 1957

Reeperbahn - Hamburg, Germany 1958

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