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Skaggs Island, California 1956-1957
Images from Leonard Sublett

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This shot was taken on the patio/picture window
side of the duplexes. Taken in spring 1957.
The attached is a picture of the Sublett home at
Skaggs Island. The new duplexes were made
available in November 1956 - we were in the first
group of families to be moved into them.

Skaggs Island Base Basketball Team, 1956-57

Front Row, L to R: ????, Ray Shaw, Ron Szymanski, ????, Danny Fox

Back Row, L to R: Don Daniels, Bennie Benedict, Gregg Bill, ????,
Leonard Sublett, CTC Andy Partch, Coach

Skaggs Island Softball Team - 1957

Front: Donnie Partch, Batboy

Sitting: Beauderact, Bob Christian, Hughes, Dick Castle, Jim Hough, Politano,
Tom Groover, CTC Andy Partch, Manager

Standing: Leonard Sublett, Smith, Dale Bradley, ????, Woody, Don Daniels

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