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Skaggs Island, California .. May 2001
Images and narrative from Steve A. Sahli

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Photo of housing area after you enter
back (Napa) gate and walk a little ways in.
Photo of big white house is the CO's residence.

Photo of marquee at entrance of housing/support area. Photo of Warning sign.

Photo of young man is my son Anthony and our house on
Skaggs Ave. He lived here from birth to age 2 1/2 years.
This was our first visit back to the area since we left in '85.
Photo inside my old kitchen (in pretty good repair).

Photo inside my house's bathroom.

Photo of stretch of building alongside road is the
gym; barber shop; post office; PX, theater; library.
Photo of administration building (anchors in front) contained
CO/XO offices; quarterdeck; admin; personnel; SSO; CMAA.

Photo of barracks (dining hall to the right hidden by tree). Photo of the Islander club (EM club).

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