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Skaggs Island, California
Images received from Bob Breed.
Bob had received them from a Marine,
who was stationed at Skaggs Island circa 1965.

Please scroll-down. There are 12 photos.
Click-on each of the first 10 photos to enlarge.

The first 10 photos were taken after the base closure - unknown year.

Coming across the South Bridge
off of Hwy 37 - looking at the South Gate.
The South Gate - with the Road Closed signs.

South Gate area - looking out towards the bridge. South Gate - Welcome sign.

Road from Gate to the Base. The UEPH (BEQ) - newly built in mid 60's.

The Chow Hall - newly built in mid 60's. Outside the North Gate (Napa side)

Inside the North Gate (Napa side)
- looking outward.
At the North Gate - looking thru the fence.

Marine - circa unknown

Aerial photo of Skaggs Island - circa unknown.
CDAA shown in upper left of photo - base proper in lower right.

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