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Skaggs Island, California - 1951
Images from Dave Serlin

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1951 - shot of Barracks and Galley 1951 - shot of the base incinerator & Dave's car

1951 - long shot of Bldg21 and NPG transmitter tower. 1951 - Closeup Shot of the Theatre section of the
combo bldg. (Library/Theatre/Barbershop).

1951 - Camera angled towards gate. Note rotary beam
for Ham Shack and bldgs down road.
1951 - RFP Bldg 27. Radio Fingerprint Bldg.
Dave's Car on right.

1951 - Side view of Theatre, part of barracks and some
others between them. (Perhaps Housing).
1951 - Main road looking away from gate. Theatre in
foreground. Can just make out admin and a few other
bldgs. The two with the double doors may have been
Fire Station?

1951 - Enlisted Quarters taken from South side. This print
was reversed and I flipped it. It appears the camera was
near the Fire Station Bldgs, and the flag you can see is in
the front of the barracks.

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