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Skaggs Island, California .. 1954-1955
Images from Bob Breed and Mike McDonald

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Taken from in front of the movie theater
looking toward gate area - 1954

Shots taken by Mike McDonald of the same general area - 1955

Ops Bldg and barracks taken by Mike McDonald - 1955 Ops Bldg and south end of barracks - 1954

and everything else in one bldg - 1954
Inspection Day: Kyle [Ken] Peterson and Barney,
a Canadian Sailor training with us.
We had about six of them as I recall. - 1954

Jack Lyons From Texas and Bob Breed.
Mutt and Jeff. Jack was a moose. - 1954

Frank Gappa, Kyle [Ken] Peterson, and Goose Gallegos
taken at Vallejo's house. All ex-Guam sailors.
I think Goose was really named David? - 1954

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