Skaggs Island First AN/UYK-GYK Programmers class (1975)
Image from  Bill Slack, CTR1, USN Ret.

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Skaggs Island First AN/UYK-GYK Programmers class (1975)

Top Row (L-R):   Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Middle Row (L-R):   Bill Slack, C.W. Crocker, Ken Hensey, Jim Austin
Front Row (L-R):   Dave Klaus, Bo Williams, Alan Atkins

First AN/UYK-GYK Programmers class (1975) at Skaggs Island. I was in
this one and taught the next one following. Classes lasted for 7 months
and covered the Net Control Computer (Burroughs D82/825 & Outstation
Processor Bunker-Ramo BR133. After I graduated my last class I became
the only OPU programmer for the world. This lasted for the next 5 years.

R/ Bill Slack

Many of the faces look familiar, but I can absolutely identify the right
three guys in the middle row. They are, from left to right, C.W. Crocker,
Ken Hensey, and Jim Austin. I can only see Jimís crow, but I think all are
CTR1s. C.W. and Ross Miller relieved me in Wahiawa. Ken Hensey was my
PDP-11 computer instructor in 1980. Jim and I bartended together at the
Skaggs POMO club.

R/ Rich Lomax

The three 2nd class Petty Officers in the front row are from left to right:
Dave Klaus, Bo Williams and Alan Atkins.

R/ Alan Atkins