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Sinop, Turkey .. 1966
Images from   Rodney Galles and Danny Shepherd

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First permanently assigned detachment at Sinop, Turkey.
Taken on Navy Day, October 13, 1966

A day off at Sinop. The Army took over our positions
so we could relax together on Navy Day, 10/13/1966.
A few of us went down to a nearby beach and tried the
Black Sea waters. (They were very cold).
CTI1 Hank Raum, with the towel,
CTI3 Tony Chavez, in front and next to him,
and CTR3 Danny Shephard, far right.

CTI2 Rodney Galles, in his room at Sinop Turkey.
Taken during the Labor strike in August of 1966. The
water was cut off to the base and No water was allowed
for showers or shaving for about 6 days.

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