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NSG Dept at NCS Sidi Yahia, Morocco (circa 1965-1967)
Images and Narrative from Joe Messersmith

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Joe Messersmith
I took these pictures between Jan65 and Jul67

Bob "Slooty" Caster

Don Chappelle made 3rd

Joe Messersmith with new stripes

Carl Thomas Green He came to Sidi Yahia from Karamusel with us

Danny Bails

Tom MacAfee



Don Chappelle

Robert Isaacson and "Friend"

CN8JD ham shack & antenna farm.
A rhombic to the left pointed to USA

Joe Messersmith at the fence

slow down!

Which way home?

suburbs of Sidi Yahia

When it is HOT get in any shade

Chief Loop, my mentor, at 4th of July dependents games

Armstrong and his wife on ferry from Gibraltar.
They gave me a ride from Tangier to Kenitra in the back seat
of their new Austen Healey 3000. It was cramped but fun.

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