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NSGA Homestead, Florida .. 1969 - 1971
Images and narrative from Tom Shirley

Please scroll down. There are 4 photos on this page.
Click-on the 2 newpaper photos to enlarge.

Rhoda Shirley looks on as CTR1 Tom Shirley
signs reenlistment papers, April 1971.

Linda Shirley (now CTAC) and then-CTR1 Tom Shirley
outside the Homestead CDAA, designated 'Site A', 1969.

NSGA Homestead station newspaper from May 1970. The only person I recognize in ranks is Canadian
sailor Don Walker, standing directly behind the officer. Don's Canadian Navy summer uniform, with
flat hat and T-shirt style top, are distinct. In the picnic photos, the only person I recognize is my wife
Rhoda, about mid-way down the page on the right.

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