Tom Shirley

CTRC Tom Shirley and daughter SA Linda Shirley circa Oct 1985 CTO2 Caryn (Shirley) Sparks and CTAC Linda Shirley circa 1997
CTRC Tom Shirley & daughter SA Linda Shirley circa Oct 1985 ___CTO2 Caryn (Shirley) Sparks &___
___CTAC Linda Shirley circa 1997

A Brush With Greatness

My wife Rhoda and younger daughter Caryn went to the Don Ho Show in Waikiki in 1994.
Apparently they do a youngest-audience-member and oldest-audience-member at his shows.
In the process of that, it was learned that my younger daughter Caryn was the youngest audience
member, and my wife Rhoda was the SECOND youngest audience member. (Don't know who
turned out to be the oldest).

Ray Charles played on Okinawa while we were there. I got two or three
pictures of him, none of which came out very well.

I took this picture of James A. Michener at
Expo 75 on Okinawa. Also got his autograph
on one of his books, "The Drifters."