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NSG Detachment Shemya, Alaska .. Feb 66 - Aug 66
Images from    Rex Rosenberg (former CT3)

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Photos, information, and narrative about Shemya Change-of-Command ceremony
involving Chief Kenyon and Chief Poole, submitted by Rex W. Rosenberg
February 6, 2010

With the exception of the photos of the Change of Command ceremony, I did
all the photos I am submitting, or had someone else use my camera to do
them if I happen to be in them.

While looking through your page and the link related to Shemya I came
across the Change-of-Command ceremony involving the small Naval Detachment
on Shemya from Adak. I was on Shemya from Adak between February, 1966,
and August, 1966. Initially, we were under the command of Chief Bob
Kenyon when this ceremony took place, during which command was passed
along to Chief Poole. While reading Chief Poole’s account, though, it
became apparent two of us who were there on Shemya at the time were left
out. That’s understandable since I can’t remember the names of all the
guys I worked with while there, either.

Chief Poole stated in his account of the ceremony that: “The assistant
POIC of the detachment (Jack Erbes, CT3) got a couple of Air Force guys to
man our circuits, so that when we arrived on Shemya, all 9 of the Navy
guys were there, lined up for inspection in one line, in "starched and
pressed dungarees, with white hats and foul-weather jackets.”

Actually, “Air Force guys” didn’t “man our circuits.” Ray Mannahan and I
(Rex Rosenberg) were at our R-390’s that day during the Change of Command
ceremony and had to miss it. We would like to have been present for that
unique ceremony, but we were working at the time.

Rex W. Rosenberg

Map of Shemya

Chow Hall card

Chief Poole and Chief Kenyon with the P3 Orion before
the Change of Command ceremony

Chief Kenyon and Chief Poole - Change of Command Ceremony

Captain Chester Phillips addressing those detachment sailors
present at the Change of Command ceremony. Rex Rosenberg
and Ray Mannahan were sitting at their R-390’s and were not
present for this ceremony.

Chief Bob Kenyon in one of our rooms for a poker game.
Bob Honey is in bed in the background

Rex Rosenberg on the top bunk; Chief Bob Kenyon in the middle;
I don’t remember the names of the others.

L to R bottom row; Bob Honey and Bill Codemo; White t-shirt
hidden by two bottles is Ray Mannahan; Rex Rosenberg in white
t-shirt to Ray’s right; names for the others are not known

Rex Rosenberg with Boozer at front door to Composite Building

Front row; unknown; Rex Rosenberg on chair; Bob Honey; The
only other one that is known is Ray Mannahan in the white t-shirt
standing behind Rex Rosenberg

Ray Mannahan with Chief Kenyon

Ray Mannahan and Rex Rosenberg

Chief Kenyon and Rex Rosenberg
(with a bottle someone stuck in my hand for the photo)

Looking out an upper window from the Composite Building

Erb amusing himself, and the rest of us,
by spitting lighter fluid at his lighter

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