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NSGDet  Sasebo, Japan .. 1960-1962
Images from  Gerald (Sam) Hill CTRC USN (Ret)

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Ah, what can you say about duty at Sasebo, except that it was probably the Best. I can honestly say that I
enjoyed every duty station during my career, for one reason or another. However, leaving San Miguel and going
to Sasebo was like coming out of a dungeon and arriving on Paradise Island. Sasebo was a detachment of
Kami Seya, and for that reason, I suppose, our people enjoyed all the facilities of Sasebo Naval base, without
responsibility for supplying personnel for military duty at the base.

The NSGD site was located on about the 5th hole of the golf course. It was about a five mile ride from the base
next to a deserted Japanese seaplane facility and about 30 yards from the bay.

When I first reported to NSGD, there were between 30 and 40 personnel. We stood 4 section watches, with up
to 10 men per section. Our watch consisted of Eve, day, mid, 56 off. One exception to this was during
Christmas period of 1961. Everyone wanted more time off for the holiday, so they devised a 7, 7, 7, watch
period which was 7 eves, 7 days, 7 mids and then 7 days off. I would never agree to anything like that again.

By the time I departed, we were down to just the DF position. 2 people were required to be in the building at all
times. This meant, there would be two watch standers on duty during eves, mids and weekends. Anytime the
day workers were there, we only supplied one watch stander.

The Sasebo area was beautiful, providing plenty of places for recreation and sight seeing. Prices were favorable
on everything, (read that anyway you want to).

When I arrived at Sasebo, I only had 1 year left on my enlistment and fully intended to leave at that time.
I extended a year to stay there and would have extended for more, but knew that the station was being phased
out. This was the only TRD-4 that I was ever stationed at. I donít know if any survived after it closed or not.
This tour definitely had an influence on my decision to return to the Navy, after a year of broken service.
I wish more people could have experienced it.


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