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Pre-NSGA San Vito, Italy 1960
Images from   William Lockert, CTTCM, USN Ret.

Please scrolldown. Click-on the photos to enlarge.

These pictures were taken in March 1960, when a Joint NSAEUR/Military team conducted a
"hearability study" in San Vito de Normandie. After the study, the team was taken on a one day tour of
southern Italy and then up to Naples and Pompei. The tour included lunch and dinner while on the road.
One Sailor missing out of the pictures is CTI3 Brown Stokes, USN who got off the tour in Naples to
transfer back to the Sixth Fleet Flagship.

Two C124 Globemaster arrive in Brindisi to take us back to Frankfurt.

C124 could carry two vans, power equipments, personnel, baggage easily.

Looking down the throat of the Globemaster that flew over the Alps.

Chief Ron Paul and SFC Van Pelt.

SFC VanPelt on Right playacting. Chief Paul nicknamed him Lucy.

Civilians, Army, Navy Troops preparing to depart Brindisi - 1960.

Pompei, Naples - March 1960.

City of Pompei - March 1960.

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