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NSG Dept San Miguel, Philippines .. 1966-1968
Images/Narrative from Bill Lockert

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CPO Quarters 7155A    1966-1968 Captain and Mrs. Bob Diebler
and XO's wife Mrs. A. J. Tallet    1967-1968

Fort Apache troops trip to Corregidor Island 1967 Corregidor Island in the mist
from Bataan Peninsula

Road to Mariveles
one location of Station C prior to WWII
Monument to the Bataan Death March
at Mariveles

Corregidor Island fight story 10 Dec 41-Apr 1942 Village of Mariveles, Bataan Peninsula

CTT3 Rich Walton at Corregidor Plaque Preparing to leave for Corregidor Island

CTTC Lockert Group Leader
and Div 58B Division Officer
Four Banuka boats to Corregidor Island

This ain't the pier MacArthur left Corregidor Our transportation around Corregidor

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