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NSGA Sakata, Japan .. 1960-1962
Images from   Cecil Draper

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CDR William Burns

Cecil Draper - Admin

Cecil Draper - Toshiko Nakagawa
Admin Office Staff

Toshiko Yamaguchi - ENS Charles Press
Reddog in background

Cecil Draper back row on right
Andy Michael in front

Change of Command
(L-R):   Capt Edward Knepper -
Betty Horan - LT Bob Horan -
Betty Burns - CDR William Burns

Cecil and Kay Draper
Thank you party for teaching English
at local high school

Gately - Draper - Jim Flowers - Jim Johnson - Dietrich
CDR Burns in front row

Lee and Mollie Vorhies

Cecil, Kay and John Draper

CTM1 George Hubbard at top of Mt. Chokai

Francis Gately - Cecil Draper - Dean Brockbank

Japanese flower arrangement class
Kay Draper - Betty Horan - Doris Michael

Party time - Sakata, Japan

Party time .. Cecil Draper and Al Moses in middle

Tug-of-war .. Red Morgan - Tom Malloy - Larry Peltz


Show time at the EM Club
Guess who!

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