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Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico - 1974
Image from Michael S. Brown LCDR, USN (ret)

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This photo was taken, I believe, in early 1974 - by the front gate looking back at the admin building.
I believe the CPO in whites just made Chief.

We would love to be able to put names to these familiar and friendly faces we used to know so well.

So far, we can ID three by name:

1) Master Chief Merrill, Front line to the left as you view the picture.
2) Chief Bob Pope, next to the Master chief in the front row.
3) Chief Terry Sprague, to the left of the skipper as you view the picture in the middle row.

Perhaps you would post this picture and give us a hand with the names?

R/ Michael S. Brown LCDR, USN (ret) - formerly CTM2 at Sabana Seca

The following words are from Jim Riddell:

This photo was taken in front of the Mess Hall and across from the Dispensary and Old Navy Exchange. It was taken on the occasion of CTMC J.J. Riddle's reenlistment.

The following list of known names is 'keyed' to the above photo.

 2 .... Master Chief Lyle Merrill
 3 .... CTTCS Vaughn Zelinsky
 4 .... Chief Bob Pope
 5 .... CTTC Charlie Montague
 6 .... CTTCM Mike Michael
 7 .... CTRC Willie Mendoza
 8 .... Duane Holman
 9 .... CTTCS Jim Riddell
 11 .. SKC Bob Miller
 12 .. Chief Terry Sprauge (CTM)
 13 .. Capt. R.G. Keller
 14 .. CTRCM Don Matlock
 15 .. CTACM Mike Wagner
 16 .. CTMC J.J. Riddle
 17 .. CTOCS Pat Genteel
 18 .. CTTC William (Bill) Gregory
 20 .. CTTC Gus Shubert
 21 .. Hank Hodge
 27 .. CTTC L. R. Taylor
 28 .. CTMC Huey Lehman

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