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Rota, Spain   1972-1975
Images from Ronald D. Lee

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The road from our balcony. Across the street is
the cemetary and top left corner is the Butano plant.

Neighborhood goats.
They came by every day to and from the fields.

Arco. Built on top of a cliff. This is the scenic view
platform in the middle of town.

A view of Arco from the top of the Catholic church steeple.

Arco from across the river.

Mary Lee (mom) and W.G Gillespie
in a beach bunker on Rota's Beach.

Ronald Lee and Mary Lee - Beach bunker Rota.

Dave Oberly and Mary Lee
Foose Ball at the Sangri Shack.

Peggy, Sandra and Betty Lee on our 1972 Fiat sedan.
We paid $1,995 for it brand new in Morocco.

Sandra, Peggy & Betty Lee. Sandra was born in Morocco
Peggy in Spain. Betty is just a Cajun born in Texas.

The hated Inchworm. This was the roof of our house. A really
safe place for kids to play. No traffic or roaming dogs and goats.

CTT3 Tom Milton.

Deb, Dana and Dave Oberly our sponsors & Friends.

Ronald, Betty & Sandra Lee.
Deb, Dana & Dave Oberly.

CTT3 W.G. Gillespie and CTT3 Ronald D. Lee
Beach bunker Rota.

Beach access. Rota.

Castle on the way to Malaga.

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